Serenity Territory Routes

Do You Have an In-Person Meeting Quota?

Introducing: Serenity Territory Routes. With our app, your sales team can choose which accounts they want to visit, then have the app create the fastest route to visit those account destinations each day. Save time and avoid hassles with our multitude of features, including:

  • Colored Map Identifier shows the status of an account: cold, warm, or hot
  • Add ‘Get Directions/Route’ button
  • Show nearby accounts of a selected account within 50km/30mi
  • Create appointments and tasks in Salesforce
  • Display open opportunities related to an account
  • Filter based on multiple account fields
  • Filter accounts by business or personal
  • Customize tiles

Know Every Customer and Prospect In Your Area

We built this Salesforce-integrated app specifically for you, to make your sales process easier and more efficient, no matter how many leads you’re juggling at once or where in the country you’re working from!

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