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Are your traditional CRM systems feeling increasingly clunky and cumbersome with each passing year? We’re not telling you to ditch the spreadsheets, but we are telling you that we can lower your operating costs and increase your revenue streams by converting your CRM system to a cloud-based model. Are you interested?

Introducing Salesforce – a cloud-based CRM that automates all of your data entry, lead generation efforts, sales processes, and even human resources department.

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How Salesforce Improves Your Business


Data Consolidation

Human Resources


Wouldn’t it be great if your CRM software could recognize exactly how effective your sales and marketing efforts were? Salesforce can give you that insight, with tailored, combined analytics data streams from multiple platforms and sources — so you never have to worry about what you might be missing or what you could have done differently to increase engagement. Having all of your customer impressions, clicks, bounce and conversion rates in one place means you can interpret that information to serve your business.

Instead of creating more headaches for your marketing team, let Salesforce 360 work for you. Track sales trends, get AI informed recommendations based on data history, compare your data to industry wide data, and monitor sales performance across your entire company, all from your customized Salesforce analytics dashboard.

  • Connect analytics data from other platforms (LinkedIn, Google, Snowflake, Amazon, etc.), so all of your social, recruitment, and ROI data streams are consolidated into one dashboard.
  • Track team analytics in accordance with industry-specific trends to ensure you’re on track quarter-to-quarter.
  • Custom build analytics dashboards, integrate third-party apps, and customize templates to suit your employees’ needs.
  • A.I.-augmented data tracks sales to answer your most burning questions as they arise.
  • Predict future outcomes based on previous trends so you’re never left wondering how you got here.

Data Consolidation

Consolidate Your Data into one, seamless dashboard tailored to your unique business needs. Salesforce 360 offers first rate security to unify and safeguard your site views, so you can sort out the bots from the most valuable impressions for your sales team to keep track of. Imagine how much time you could save if all of your data reporting and archiving was automated by a system that was built for your business.

Additionally, all of your data will be stored within one system interface, freeing up virtual and hard drive space so your systems can run smoothly and seamlessly, as they were meant to. With Salesforce 360, you can easily migrate your data from multiple sources, and select only the objects you want to collect data on, ensuring you only get the information you most need to drive your business decisions. What are you waiting for? Instead of trying to fit your business model into an outdated CRM system that’s overcomplicated and old news, schedule a demo today!

  • Consolidate all of your data warehouses from CRM to ERP, HCM, and SCM systems into one interface.
  • Manage your entire workflow through one customizable sales dashboard that your whole team can access.
  • Track leads in various stages in accordance to KPIs and build app-specific layouts for each team’s individual needs.
  • Manage all incoming support tickets and work order through one centralized interface so no customer is ever left behind.
  • Ditch the spreadsheets and track your audiences and marketing campaigns through Salesforce’s simplified dashboard, easily tracking engagement, ROI, and returns on marketing spending.
  • Streamline your sales forecasting by integrating your cash flow, revenue streams, and cost-planning data.

Human Resources

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had automated, simplified HR processes that served your employees growth journeys and increased your company’s employee retention rates? Salesforce 360 offers efficient and easy to navigate onboarding systems that promise a new and improved experience for your employees.

Additionally, Salesforce allows your employees to create communities within their sales dashboards and utilize built-in extensions through the Salesforce app exchange, ensuring team engagement and increased company success rates. Lastly, this unique HR experience provides the option for your employees to resolve issues via self-service processes if they prefer. What more could you ask for? Tell us, and we’ll build it for you. Schedule a demo today!

  • Increase employee retention by customized integration of payroll services, tenure, roles, employee data, and services.
  • Empower your employees by giving them individual development dashboards and role enhancement trajectories.
  • Use E.I. data tracking to consolidate trends in employee satisfaction, recruiting success, and performance metrics.

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